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15 INTERVIEW Question for QA/QC Or Quality Control Engineer/Inspector

Q1 What is QUALITY?

Distinguishing characteristic or attribute of a product to determine whether it’s good or bad is called Quality


Control or regulate the approved Quality Control process to prevent from defective products.


Provide adequate confidence to approved QC process that will conform to meet the requirements (or)

Every activity shall have a QCP which is approved by QA team. By reviewing the QCP, the QA team will provide adequate confidence to QC process that will conform to meet the acceptance criteria.


It is an appraisal activity where products are tested to determine whether they conform to requirements


It is technical routine activity where products are tested to determine whether they conform to requirements

Q5 What are the Duty of a QA/QC Inspector?

QA/QC inspector is responsible to carry out inspection at site with Client and raising RFI’S (Request for Inspection and MIR’S (Material Inspection Request) .If he finds any Non-Conformance , he is required to Rise NCR.

Q6 List the name of personnel who are responsible for carrying out the installation work at Sites?

The following is the list of personnel’s who will be responsible for carrying out the installation at Sites:

  • Safety Engineer
  • QA/QC Engineer-Electrical
  • Project Engineer-Electrical
  • Supervisor/Foreman-Electrical

Q7 What Types of References are to be followed in a Project?

  1. Project specification
  2. Codes and standards
  3. IFC –Issued for construction Drawings etc.
  4. Method statements
  5. Specific requirements of the client.

Q8 What is (QMS) Quality Management System?

  1. Quality Plan of Contractor
  2. Organizational structure,
  3. Procedures and Processes
  4. Resources needed to implement quality management.

Q9 What is Quality Control Procedure (QCP) ?

A QCP is a documented procedure detailing the processes necessary to complete a specific work activity


It’s a documented procedure of, how we are going to control the quality of a process by using the ITP(Inspection and Test Plan) and checklist.

Q 10 – What is Surveillance / Monitoring?

Monitoring the ongoing activities to ensure that work is performed in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications is called Surveillance.

Q 11 What action a QA/QC Inspector shall take If he finds a potential violation/deficiency?

  1. Analyze the situation at the site (Potential violation is activity may turn out to be a violation).
  2. Issue Proactive notifications.
  3. Conduct awareness sessions about the violation against standards, Deficiency, non-compliance, etc.
  4. Conduct Toolbox meeting – Inform the construction team about the requirements.
  5. Issuing Memos to the site engineers

Q 12 What action a QA/QC Inspector shall take If he finds a Violation/ Nonconformance?

  1. Review the case as per the requirement
  2. Identify the degree of Non-Conformance.

If Minor:

  • Inform the Construction team about the problem.
  • Advise them to correct/fix early.
  • Discuss with the QA/QC Supervisor.
  • A memo will be issued to the Construction team.

If Major:

  • Issue  NCR to the Construction for the non-conformity
  • Also, discuss the issue with the Supervisor and get advice.

Q 13 What is Inspection & Test Plan (I&TP or ITP):

ITP is a document which identifies

  1. Sequence of activities/process
  2. Quality record/acceptance criteria (checklist)
  3. Quality Check points (hold point, witness point, surveillance point and review points of Sub-contractor/ Contractor /Client)

Q 14 What are the Inspection Points or Inspection Stages?

1 Hold Point:

An activity must not proceed without the approval of client/ designated authority

3- Witness Point:

An activity can proceed after notifying the client/designated authority. The contractor’s QC Inspector has full responsibility for the particular inspection.

4-Review Point:

Review the approval of applicable documents.

5-Surveillance point:

Surveillance is the Monitoring of ongoing activities to ensure that the activity is performed as per applicable standards and specifications.

Q 16 Write down RFI Process?

Following steps are to be followed while raising a Request for Inspection (RFI) ?

  1. The construction team will initiate the RFI to Contractor QC.
  2. Contractor QC will receive the RFI and verify the applicable documents.
  3. Conduct Internal inspection to verify the compliance as per the approved ITP and checklist prior to submission to the Client Inspection Department.
  4. If Work to be Inspected Comply with Quality standards, QA/QC Inspector will initiate the RFI for QA inspection for HOLD and WITNESS items.
  5. If the QA/QC Inspector finds a Minor Non-Conformance, he will advise the construction to fix ASAP. Upon clearing those he will submit RFI to client
  6. .If QA/QC Inspector finds a moderate or major category of Non-Conformance,He should reject the Work initiate NCR.


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