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Responsibilities of a QA/QC Inspector

Responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer/Inspector

QA/QC inspector will make sure the following items and all field inspection will carry out under project specification related to the quality control services:

  1. Inspector reports to Quality Control Managers.
  2. QC Inspector shall be responsible for ensuring that all defined inspections undertaken against the project plans.
  3. QC Inspector shall be responsible for coordination with the CLIENT’S inspector personal for proper implementation of quality work as per quality plan, specification, and standards.
  4. QC Inspector shall send an RFI, (request for inspection) in advance to the CLIENT inspection team.
  5. QC Inspector will advise the CLIENT ID of defined critical inspection phases, these requirements within the inspection and test plan.
  6. QC Inspector will be responsible for issuing non- conformance reports (NCR) where the project plans are not being implemented.
  7. Monitor Daily Plumbing activities to ensure compliance to quality procedures and Saudi Standards and Specifications.
  8. Prepare  Request for  Inspection  (RFIs)  on items that are ready for client inspection.
  9. Conduct Inspection Activities in accordance with the Project Quality Plan and the Plumbing and firefighting Discipline’s Inspection & Test Plan (SATIPs); Inspection Checklist (SAICs) and relevant standards.
  10. Identify non-conformances and recommends to  QC  Supervisor the issuance of NCR for any violation of Project Quality Plan;  Work specific Instruction  Procedures;  relevant international standards and   Client standards in the plumbing discipline.
  11. Maintain Quality records and all results related to construction activities are collected and compiled into records.
  12. Monitor the closure of NCRs related to civil/structural activities a report to QC Supervisor.

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